Water Cooler Real Estate - Real Estate Insiders Cynthia and Jason

CONSUMER REAL ESTATE PODCAST With The Insiders, Cynthia and Jason Lee! Join us weekly as The Insiders take you behind the scenes to help explain the sometimes complicated real estate industry in more relatable terms. Water Cooler Real Estate is dedicated to providing common sense answers and explanations to typical questions and issues posed by consumers (Buyers and Sellers) of Real Estate. The Insiders are Cynthia and Jason Lee, Brother and Sister Team, Company Owners, Managers, and Real Estate Brokers who have participated in and/or supervised on thousands of real estate transactions. WaterCoolerRealEstate provides informative answers based on The Insiders’ opinions, training and experience. With every specific situation, you should consult your local real estate laws and government entities, and seek legal counsel in your jurisdiction.
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