The Transformation Podcast - Justin Mayfield

A podcast full of miraculous stories about the shocking goodness of God. A lot of people believe humans were created by God. Not many realize we were created to be with Him. Without acknowledging this reality, we’re like cosmic orphans or like ICU patients without life support. We need God like we need oxygen. These stories testify to that truth. The mission of this podcast is to put a microphone in front of the witnesses of Jesus’ glory and be a loud voice for reporting on the news that really matters: God's miraculous deeds that happen all around us--but often lack the platform to be shared. Lives transformed by the Gospel, miraculous healing, God providing in radical ways, long-time believers who have seen God do wondrous things as their faith is stretched, even the inspiring testimonies of people who lived long ago: these are samples of what you'll find in these episodes.
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