American Sex - Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg

On American Sex Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg dive deep into guests unique experiences with sexuality, gender, and identity. Some stories are very personal. Others deal with bigger picture components like fighting legislation or changing the way our society views sex, kink, and things that fall outside the norm. Every story has one thing in common-- the very blurred line between what’s personal and what touches us all. American Sex podcast is guaranteed to deliver both laughs and learning. ABOUT THE HOSTS: Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg are sexuality educators/edutainers specializing in BDSM, alt-sexuality, and couples play. The pair helped create and produce the groundbreaking, sex-positive TV show Sex With Sunny Megatron on Showtime. On a more personal note, this dynamic duo are married, parents, occasionally ethically non-monogamous, and lifestyle BDSM enthusiasts. Most importantly, Ken and Sunny make taking about awkward topics easy-- they are approachable, real, and absolutely hilarious.
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