The Punch Drunk Soul Podcast - Soul Alignment + Business Chats - Ali Daniel: Soul Alignment Coach + Biz Mentor, explorer of personal growth and the true self

Get your weekly fill of inspiration, soul, motivation, and vulnerability straight from the mouths of ambitious, brave, and authentic women, coaches, entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries, who are at the core, just like you and me. Our conversations get personal, they go deep, and they reveal what it’s really taken these women to get from where they were to where they are today, including the triumphs, struggles, and fears, they’ve faced along the way. Join us for laughs, connection, truth, and practical steps to get you taking action on your dreams. This podcast is meant to inspire and encourage you to explore what it means to be your true, authentic self and share your gifts with the world as we learn together what has helped others successfully do the same. Hosted by Ali Daniel, the founder of Punch Drunk Soul and Path to Freedom - Coach Academy.
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