The Ministry Mentor Podcast with Matt Sturdevant - Matt Sturdevant

If you are in your 20s and feel like God has called you into vocational ministry or you’re currently sorting through your call, this is THE podcast for you. In my 10+ years in ministry, I’ve been able to meet and work with a variety of professionals in vocational ministry. I’ve had amazing access to leaders serving in positions like: church planter, senior pastor, executive pastor, church staff member, denominational executives (local and state), campus ministry directors, missionaries and more. Each week, I’ll bring you a behind the scene conversation with a different ministry leader letting you into their personal and professional life. You’ll get to hear their stories, how God has called them into ministry, what the journey has looked like so far. The podcast will also be bringing you what I’ve learned in my own life, from my own experiences with God’s call and in my 8+ years of training and coaching men and women headed into a ministry career.
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