LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight - Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta, PhD

Welcome to LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight: Making the Invisible Visible, with me, Dr. Aparajita (AJ) Jeedigunta. This is a show about shining the spotlight on people to make them more visible. I love having candid, organic conversations with people from all walks of life, about their beautiful journeys and about their ideas on practicing and improving our efforts toward Intentional Inclusion BECAUSE of their unique paths, not in spite of them. LEGupward stands for Learn. Empower. Grow. Upward. When we learn to see ourselves and each other as whole human beings, we start to make the Invisible visible. We need to do this because society renders many of us invisible in so many ways that our voices get lost in the wind. It is only by making the invisible visible that we can harness the true power of our voices and value to empower and uplift ourselves and others to grow upward, together. I hope you enjoy listening to these conversations as much as I enjoyed having them. I also hope that you learn something about yourself and others through these episodes. I know I did.
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