Front Row Dad Podcast - Jon Vroman, Founder Front Row Dads & The Brotherhood

Dads, this raw and real podcast explores the stories and strategies to help you win as a dad, husband and businessman. Each show highlights actionable habits, rituals and routines that help men thrive at home. It's easy for men to say "family first", while feeling guilty as their careers get the best of them. Personally, I used to hide at work. I started this movement not because I had all the answer, but because I wanted them. Now with hundreds of members of our private community (The Brotherhood), our guys follow a Front Row Dad framework to keep them aligned, effective and in control of their future. This show helps high-performing hard-charging guys raise awesome kids, improve their marriage (with a focus on an epic sex life) and kick-ass at work. We believe in being family men with businesses, not businessmen with families. More at No matter how great of a dad you are, we can make you better.
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