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'That's Great, Adric' is an irregular Doctor Who podcast hosted by SeannieWan and Adric... kind of... that focuses on the Bigger Picture. Together, these companions will view/ are viewing/ will have viewed the entirety of 'Doctor Who' - as in the 26 years of what those in the 'Doctor Who Know' call 'Classic Doctor Who,' and hopefully one day, the current decade-plus run of what those same people label the 'Modern Era' of 'Doctor Who.' Adric has a Gameboy for when he gets bored. For over half a century, the BBC has transmitted a science-fiction television program about a humanoid alien and his adventures traveling through all of Space and Time with a companion or two... and for a few years, with Adric. 'Doctor Who' has seduced millions of socially anxious and awkward people of all ages. It has been a passion project, a cult hit, and now a worldwide phenomenon. That's Great, Adric! ...Really, really great.
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