Chasen Pucks with Panger on -

Kelly Chase and Darren Pang bring you Chasen Pucks with Panger on - a weekly behind-the-scenes look at NHL hockey and its players, coaches, broadcasters and more! A former NHL player (known for his tough, aggressive, enforcer style-of-play), Chaser now does color commentary for the St. Louis Blues on KMOX 1120AM. The one-and-only Panger spent his entire NHL career as a goalie with the Chicago Blackhawks and is now a TV commentator for the Blues on Fox Sports - Midwest. Find the boys (and the show) on Twitter: @ChasenPucks39 for Chase, @Panger40 for Pang, and @NHLShow for the podcast. For questions, comments, or to inquire about sponsoring the show, email us at
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