The Creative Impostor: Mindfulness, Creativity, Imposter Syndrome, Community & a more holistic approach to Entrepreneurship - Andrea Klunder: Creative Consultant, Media Producer, Entrepreneur

"Impostor syndrome." How does it show up for you - self-doubt, hesitation, procrastination, perfectionism, comparison, competition? Or a little gremlin in your head that says, "Who do you think you are? You can't do THAT!" You have something to share with the world -- maybe it’s just the spark of a creative idea or an entire world of inspired vision! This show is all about how to be BOLD and take action, to put your creative work into the world, to have your voice be heard despite all obstacles, fears and doubts. Creative consultant, performer and media producer Andrea Klunder talks with entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, actors, writers, bloggers, podcasters, healers, therapists, coaches, visionaries and anyone willing to take a risk and think outside the box, delving into topics like creativity, authenticity, fear, critics, success, failure, risk, mentorship, mindfulness, meditation, healing modalities, psychology, travel, business, entrepreneurship, passion, self-esteem, wisdom, confidence, lifestyle design, health and wellness, productivity and resources to help you manifest your creative vision for your life and work.
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