Brain Power - Dr. Laurel Mellin

Unlock the power of your emotional brain! It's our emotions that drive our stress, joy, passions, creativity, health, and sense of purpose. Technology, scarcity, and diseases have ramped up our stress and caused us to suppress our emotions. Dr. Laurel says, Stop suppressing and start expressing! With her easy-to-learn, safe, structured method, emotional brain training (EBT), she shows us how to ask one simple question, What's my number? and within minutes feel transformed, with a new sense of joy and freedom. The method is scientific, proven, and rapidly changing healthcare. Amaze yourself by using these tools, then share them with everyone you know as stress overload is the #1 epidemic worldwide. We all need to reboot our brains to become resiliency superstars. Tune in for the “What’s my number?” solution of Brain Power with Dr. Laurel every Wednesday at 12 PM Pacific Time with guests, weekly topics, and call-ins of real people finding real solutions and transforming their lives.
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