Life by Divine with Sue Dumais - CTR Network

Humanity is at a pivotal choice point and we are deeply feeling this global shift – a non-egotiable, and necessary, call to change what is no longer working, so we may evolve as a species. The world doesn’t need us to fit in, it needs each one of us to Stand UP, Stand OUT, and Stand STRONG. Hope for humanity lies in our willingness to embody our heart YES, answer the call for love and live our Life by Divine. The truth is, most people are living at one of these levels of consciousness: * Life by Default – living unconsciously, unaware of their power to create and of the impact their choices have on others and our planet; or * Life by Design – more aware of their power to use their mind in a more positive way and often co-creating with their heart, but they are still leading with their head. This show, this Heart Led Living community, this movement is a call to all of us to evolve to living Life by Divine – with each of us choosing to live with full awareness and surrendering to allow your heart to take the lead in every moment. So, how do we navigate this SHIFT that is occurring on our planet? How can we meet the fear, judgment, hatred, anger, and violence - without fighting against it and adding more fear? Join Sue Dumais each week as she shares unique perspectives and radical ideas to navigate this global SHIFT. Life by Divine offers raw, open and honest conversations with global visionaries, conscious souls and other voices of HOPE and inspiration – and invites you in, to embody your Heart YES and enliven your soul as you discover how to live your own Life by Divine.
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