Negotiate Anything: Negotiation | Persuasion | Influence | Sales | Leadership - Kwame Christian Esq., M.A.

This is the top ranked negotiation podcast on iTunes and we teach you how to make difficult conversations easier while getting more of what you want in the process. Listen and discover the secrets to getting more, saving more, and building relationships. If you're looking to achieve negotiation mastery, you're in the right place! In this podcast, you'll hear interviews from successful business professionals and thought leaders and discover how they use these skills to advance their businesses and careers. We teach practical persuasive skills that you can use as soon as the episode ends. We'll teach you useful skills like how negotiate a better deal on your next car, how to negotiate your salary, how to resolve disputes, how to deal with difficult people, and how to strengthen your persuasive leadership abilities, how to say no to bad deals, and how to develop the confidence you need to navigate these difficult conversations. (Formerly Negotiation for Entrepreneurs) Keywords: Negotiation. Negotiate. Communication. Communicate. Persuasion. Persuade. Persuasive. Persuasiveness. Influence. Influential. Conversation. Psychology. Social Psychology. Deal. Deals. Dealmaking. Sales. Sell. Selling. Bargain. Bargaining. Art of the Deal. Getting to Yes. Never Split the Difference.
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