Lean Ripped And Healthy Radio - Luis Diaz | Interviewing Experts on Fat Loss Nutrition, Exercise, Healthy and Muscle Building Strategies For Men

Lean Ripped and Healthy Radio with Luis Diaz is more than just another black and white fitness and health training show. Its a lifestyle design radio dedicated to delivering actionable information and strategies to help you change your life and build your hall of fame body. We lay out what works to help you burn belly fat, build muscle, optimized mental and physical performance and build an amazing lean and strong body inside and out. We bring on experts to help you optimize sleep, gut health, nutrition, movement, and your hormones to increase so you can live the lean ripped and healthy lifestyle every day. Listen in as Luis interviews top experts like Nick Tuminello, Scott Abel, Vince Delmonte, Elliot Hulse and much more. For weekly new free nutrition tips, recipes, free courses, workout and exercise videos, free workouts and everything you need to design your hall of fame body visit http://leanrippedandhealthy.com/
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