Food and Fury: Snackzeroth Edition A Snack Sized Warcraft Cooking Show - Michael Heit

It’s time gather your sword and board, let’s enter the kitchen with Food and Fury: Snackzeroth Edition, where we deliver you a War-Forged snack each week with enough buffs to help with your battle for Azeroth. Whether you’ve made roasted boar meat or you’ve conjured a mage table we welcome you to Food & Fury. Our goal is to help gamers get into cooking through some great snacks that wont interrupt their gaming sessions. We have a food and cooking podcasts called food and fury. We've been playing wow since vanilla and still going. These days we have families and happen to be the cooks in each of our homes. We are still gamers at heart and when we play each week, we like to have some good food to go with our gaming session. We post the recipes on our website at and rework recipes to make the kitchen less daunting while keeping our love of Azeroth alive!
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