The Kandy Life - Andy Walker and Kay Walker

Kay and Andy (Kandy) Walker are entrepreneurs and partners in business and life. In the Kandy Life podcast, the entrepreneurial couple share their business and lifestyle secrets on how you too can create a commute-free, cubicle- free and job-free life when you own and operate your own multiple businesses. The married couple is often asked how they manage to work from home, create and manage multiple businesses, raise a son, and still have time for each other, so they created the Kandy Life to share their secrets. The show covers both mindset and business creation strategy, and features advice and hacks on how to create businesses, maintain a positive mind set, create multiple streams of income, manage family and work in the same living space and live a life of freedom and wealth. The tips, tricks and answers will surprise you and your partner. About the Hosts: Andy Walker is Kay's husband, and is a serial entrepreneur with a background in journalism, media and marketing. He has created and sold multiple businesses, as varied as gas price predictions, freeze dried fruit and industrial repair manuals. He is a five time book author and a former G4TechTV host on Call for Help with Leo Laporte. Kay Walker is Andy's wife, and is a personal growth author and course developer who has trained and worked with some of the world's biggest personal growth experts. Her most recent book collaboration project was on, Budda and the Badass, by Vishen Lackiani, CEO of It will debut in bookstores in June 2020.
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