New Old Heads Podcast - New Old Heads

The New Old Heads is a weekly video podcast series with discussion topics on hip hop music and culture, sports, politics and more. New episodes are released every Thursday at 12 Noon EST, premiered by Bringing Down The Band. The weekly panel consists of two DJ's and two music producers with a vast amount of hip hop knowledge: DJ Spoolz, Maja 7th, DJ Jay Diff and Lonegevity. J Moore is the official fifth member of the show, and joins conversations at least once a month. Produced by Lonegevity (audio) and Michael Anthony (visual). Additional partners: No Bad Ideas, Kolman Dental, Indy CD & Vinyl and Prntfnty. Search for the "New Old Heads" on YouTube to watch all of the episodes! Join their Patreon and find out more by visiting
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