0.1% - Simeon Ivanov

Many people pursue success. Some try to live a healthy life. Few search for purpose and happiness. We are all trying too hard to become something we don't want. A great life doesn't consist of just one of those things. A great life is when all of them are taken great care of. A great life is a life where we live up to our full potential for success, health, and happiness. This show is for anyone who wants to optimize their life, eliminate the simple struggles, and create a meaningful impact. In order to achieve that, we'll dive deep into the practicality behind creating great businesses and careers, building strong bodies, and expanding the capabilities of our minds. The more days we are able to live at the heights of our potential, the more we'll be able to create a meaningful impact and enjoy our time here. Let's do it! Simeon Ivanov is the founder of Boring Projects, author of 0.1%, former CEO of a $15M company, and an ex-professional formula racing driver.
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