The I Look Good Naked Podcast - I Look Good Naked

NAKED: nude, stripped, exposed, bare, vulnerable Who says Black Girls are angry and can’t get along?!!!! Bullshit! Terri J. Vaughn and Cas Sigers Beedles are two amazingly cool (sometimes bat shit crazy) chics who just happen to be award winning producers – moms, wives, mentors and great friends! These two crazy broads are not just friends, but they own their company Nina Holiday Entertainment together and have been making dope films for over 12 years. What’s the secret: Find out when you join them for real stories and raw conversation about the craziness of being women filmmakers, the ultimate balancing act of being bosses, wives and moms, keeping it sexy, race relations, healthy friendships, demanding respect and more. Sometimes controversial but always honest, Terri and Cas are brilliant women that will keep people laughing and thinking, on their podcast, I Look Good Naked!
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