The BOPCAST with Hélène Scott: bite-size personal brand and online business tips for your entrepreneurial adventures. - Hélène Scott

Crafted for the daring and soulful entrepreneur, the BOPCAST offers up bite-size tips along your day-to-day adventures as an online business builder. With a focus on how to build a Personal Brand Business online, topics range from: building your Brand On Purpose® (brand story, customer experience, messaging, how to stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract your 'perfect-fit' people), the practical day-to-day of building an online biz (audience building, marketing, platforms, opt-ins, offerings), and creative solutions to the unique mindset challenges that solopreneurs face as they evolve (both personally and in their biz) while building the business of their most daring design. ::: With a background in graphic, web and user experience design, plus years of building brands and start-ups from the ground up — Hélène Scott offers up a unique feminine voice in the online business world with a playful, decidedly non-guru and highly intuitive approach on how to craft a brand and business that is undeniably YOU (which in turn can’t help but attract the very people you most want to work, serve and play with).
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