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Once upon a time, two writers became friends and we wrote and we read and now we also podcast together about our adventures and explorations. Marian and Lissa met during National Novel Writing Month many Novembers ago. Every November we write new first drafts of novels, along with performing writerly tasks throughout the year like revising, editing, and more writing. Thankfully, reading widely and voraciously is an important part of becoming a better writer. And reading and discussing as writers is a fun way to mix up the book reviews we add to Goodreads or the #amwriting reflections we each add to Instagram. Listen in as we choose books to read and discuss in a variety of genres and answer such pressing questions as: Does this book deliver on its premise? What does the author do well here that makes this book work? We'll also recommend books to each other, share writing advice, and generally try to make the world a better place through reading and writing fiction. Email The Book Evangelists at or find show notes at
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