Social Media Action - Bryan Goodwin

Social media is more than a passing fad. Social media is a crucial element to your marketing and customer retention. Though many believe that social media is nothing more than fights and food pictures, it is much much more. It is a customer service tool. It is a marketing tool. Social Media is a marketing tool that can give you the edge over your competition. Social Media Action talks about how to use social media, and to use it in a way that you do not annoy your potential customers. Many of the tips tricks and tactics that are talked about. We fly in the face of internet marketeers and their, annoy a customer till they leave, or fork over money. We can change that and there is a way we can use social media and not ruin it for everyone else. Social Media Action will talk about new features that are discovered. What is happening in the world of Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest, google plus and any other platform that was a shot.
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