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unidentified.io hosted by Ben McNamara @benjohnmac: bringing attention to widely unknown products and deeply impactful forms of contribution. I have spent a big part of my 20s searching far and wide for opportunities to correct my daily experience which are not exactly specific to a particular category. More recently, my energy and attention has been geared toward discovering widely unknown, yet highly impactful products and contribution taking place around the world. If you value bringing positive impact to other people ahead of your individual gain then there is a massive chance I am going to say very good things about you and your contribution to the world. My intention is to assume a steady position amongst the chaos of choices and monitor potentially unidentified opportunities, filter them and reveal their upside on this show. How can I highlight the impactful contribution of genuine change makers for you as a listener to join in on and what can I give the well meaning change maker to bolster them and the projects they are working on so they can have even greater impact? That is the question and Unidentified is the compass uncovering pathways toward greater impact.
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