The Unified Republic of Stars - A Sci-Fi World Building Podcast - Colin Andrew Ferm

The Unified Republic of Stars is a collaborative science-fiction story world in which almost any kind of story can be set. And, like any good story world, it has a history with important characters that help define what it is and where it's going. Join host and world creator Colin Andrew Ferm each week as he shares this story background and the remarkable people that inhabit it. Over the course of this podcast, intricate details of the world--from how it branched off from our current timeline into its own to the various ships, weapons, cities, and cultures came to inhabit it--will be discussed. And, as we go deeper into each topic, the world itself will become a story so engrossing you might think of your own contributions along the way. If you're a fan of sci-fi, space, a dash of politics, and a slew of wild adventures, subscribe to receive a new episode each week!
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