Ali on the Run Show - Ali Feller — Runner, Marathoner, Freelance Writer

Welcome to the Ali on the Run Show — your best running buddy! This is a podcast where we talk about working hard, running hard, and doing whatever it takes to break a physical and mental sweat. I’m your host, Ali Feller, and I’m a writer and editor in New York City. I write about health and fitness for Well+Good, Women’s Health, Self, Shape, Allure, Fitness, and more, and am the former editor in chief of Dance Spirit magazine. I also blog at Ali on the Run, which is what inspired this podcast. Every week on this show, I'll bring on guests to talk about everything from marathon training and yoga to mental health and wellness. They're people I think are cool, and that I think you'll find cool, too. Bring us along on your next run — I’ll do my best to leave you feeling excited, inspired, and ready to pick up the pace along the way.
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