Wild Wisdom - Alyssa Pfennig

Are you tired of living with chronic pain? Do you want more energy in your life? Are you ready to live the life you’ve imagined? The Wild Wisdom podcast is honest and authentic talk about the importance of slowing down, taking care of yourself, the mind-body connection and how to reclaim your health by listening to your body’s innate wisdom and reconnecting with the earth. Tune in weekly as Certified Yoga Therapist, Alyssa Pfennig, conducts in-depth interviews with thought leaders and experts in yoga, meditation, mind-body therapies and holistic health to help you unleash the powerful, confident woman you are meant to be. Discover why so many women turn to Alyssa Pfennig for guidance on how to be healthy, stay sane and feel good again through yoga as a therapy, connecting with nature and rediscovering their wild feminine wisdom. Learn more at alyssapfennig.com.
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