Stated - DLCC, Jessica Post

2018 was a historic year for Democrats in state legislatures. We gained 8 new Democratic majorities, flipped 405 seats from red to blue, and elected 2,923 Democrats - 1,243 of whom were women. And we're ready to do it again. We've already had special elections happening this year, and in November, we have stated legislative elections in Mississippi, Louisiana, New Jersey, and of course, the big one: Virginia. This year, all 100 House and all 40 Senate seats are up for grabs, and Democrats only need to flip 2 in the House and 2 in the Senate to win back the majority. With her background of working in state politics for more than 15 years, DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post is speaking with Democratic stars and experts about everything you need to know about state politics. Stated is a podcast brought to you by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.
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