Intentional Beings & The Seven Simple Steps | The Innate Guide to Co-Creations & Self-Realization - Mo Omar

The Seven Simple Steps are: 1. Intention 2. Awareness of Being 3. Expression 4. Allowing 5. Receiving Insights 6. Inspired Action 7. Realization They are tools to help you transform your life one step forward from where you are towards your higher intentions. You can use them to: 1. Process any conflicts in your day to day life. 2. Learn to be present and aware. 3. Awaken your life purpose. 4. Manifest your higher intentions. 5. Expand your creativity. 6. Let go of old habits and create new ones. But our main intention is to live consciously knowing who we are and what our life’s purpose is. We, the Intentional Beings, know that only through knowing the self we can get where and what we want in the purest, authentic and most harmonious way.
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