Tai'Shar Manetheren: a Wheel of Time Podcast - Sam & Will

Sam and Will discuss the Wheel of Time book series and the upcoming television series. We like to keep it light, because if you like fantasy you're probably looking for an escape. We will never talk politics and we try to make content that you can listen to with your niece and nephew. We will often bring up other nerd culture things if we think they're related - like Marvel, GoT, Star Wars, LoTR, Harry Potter, Star Trek etcetera. We will compare WoT to other fantasy book series. If you're starting from the beginning you can also expect less than perfect audio quality for the first several episodes, but we're getting it figured out, so thanks for sticking with us. Have questions? Comments? Corrections? Complaints? Other feedback? Visit http://TSMPodcast.com and contact us! Or email stuff@TSMPodcast.com we're also on FB, Twitter, & IG - @PodcastTSM Want to send us anonymous feedback and tell us a little more about our audience? Take our survey : https://bit.ly/321Yxyf
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