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Song Talk Radio is a fun, loose, free-wheeling weekly radio show for songwriters. It is not a singer/songwriter showcase or an interview show, but a way for songwriters to talk about all the technical aspects of writing songs, sharing what they've learned along the way and how we can all get better at writing songs. Started as the Songwriters Cafe in Toronto Canada, via, the show is hosted by Bruce, Neel and Phil. Each week a songwriter – anyone from fresh noob’s to grizzeled pro’s sporting numerous credits – plays 3 songs and we examine those and whatever else pops up along the way. The show is open to every genre you can think of: pop, rock, folk, jazz, punk, electronica, dance, and Rap. Songwriters perform live or play pre-recorded tracks. It's a blast. Think of it like one of those talking head sports shows – ‘cept with less yelling.
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