Thriving on Purpose Podcast - Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard

Welcome to the Thriving on Purpose Podcast, hosted by certified coaches Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard. In our weekly show, you will learn how to build a strong foundation of Faith, Personal Growth, and Skill, to lead in life and business. We provide you each week with faith, leadership, personal growth teachings and insights so that you may get the most out of a podcast designed for today's Christian Entrepreneurs. We are here to help you grow yourself, your business, and to help you through life's hurdles as well. As Christian Entrepreneurs ourselves, and as a husband and wife team, we get it. We sometimes present hard truths with as much grace as possible. Finally, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Although we understand that if our listeners fail to plan they are planning to fail; we also understand that if you want to make God laugh... just tell Him your plans.
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