From The Median featuring Molly Smith - fromthemedian

FROM THE MEDIAN highlights the differences between the two sides of the greatest human rights issue of our time: those defending the right to life for all, and those who are headed in the exact opposite direction – the industries and people that profit from abortion, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, and euthanasia. The show also highlights the culture behind the progressive movement to secularism and state-ism and provides compelling evidence that the current push for unrestricted debt will cause us to suffer increased poverty and family breakdown. Host Molly Smith, whose name is synonymous with the prolife message in Ohio, encourages listeners to “join me for an hour between the divided highway of the two worldviews that are driving our culture, and ask yourself: ‘Which side of the road am I on? In what direction do I want our culture to go?’ ” FROM THE MEDIAN regularly features national conservative celebrities such as Dinesh D’Souza, Raymond Arroyo, Fr. Frank Pavone, Star Parker, Bobby Schindler, Dr. Charles Rice (Notre Dame University), Dr. Bill Thierfeldre (Belmont Abby Collage) and Father Sirico, as well as state and local experts who bring their extensive knowledge and experience to spread the pro-life message. Listeners will be invited to call in or email us with questions and opinions. Smith says, “From the Median asks you to stop and study the roadmap of history before you continue your life’s journey, considering the roadblocks, hazard signals and caution signs of social policy, science, law and more. The program helps map our journey, and assures us that the destination to seek is one that upholds the moral principals upon which our great country is founded.”
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