Sketch Comedy Podcast Show - Marathon Productions, LLC

It starts with a conversation and ends with an improvised comedy sketch! Sketch Comedy Podcast Show invites interesting people to talk and then creates a comedy sketch based on something that was talked about on-the-fly! Every week, host Stuart Rice looks to connect with someone who is interesting, whether they are doctors, lawyers, actors, musicians, podcasters, or just people who have something to say and have a conversation with them. Unlike most shows, this is not an interview and conversations can drift off into some really interesting places sometimes. It really helps set this show away from most podcasts. But, what really makes this show unique is that at the end of the conversation, Stuart and his guest take the topics that were talked about during the show and create an improvised comedy sketch. It's never the same thing twice and most of the guests have never done anything like coming up with comedy on the fly. There are lots of starts and stops, lots of mistakes, but its fun to do and sometimes people realize how good they can be at comedy! And it is not easy! Afterwards, Stuart takes the raw, unedited sketch and tightens it up, adding sound effects, music and whatnot to make the sketch professionally produced! Join the fun every week starting in September through May! There are many episodes to catch up on, and there is no shortage of great conversation and funny sketches to listen to! Thank you for tuning in!
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