Everyday Revolutions - Dr. Alain Desaulniers chats with experts in health, fitness & success & teaches strategies & life hacks learned from Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Dave Asprey, James Altucher, Mark Sisson, Brendon Burchard, Danielle Laporte, Nathaniel Branden & more!

Everyday Revolutions is a podcast created for YOU. Whether you're kicking butt in life and health and looking to stay inspired, or whether you're struggling and need hope, support and ACTIONABLE advice to reclaim your health, happiness and purpose, we've got some awesome content for you. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, and ACTIONABLE tips during your daily commute, workout, or "me" time, Dr. Alain Desaulniers delivers. Each episode brings you Dr. Alain breaking down and discussing relevant topics to help you create a personal revolution, and/or a revealing interview with experts in areas of health, nutrition, fitness, personal development or success. WE dive into it all: failures, AH-HA moments, successes, lifestyle strategies, life hacks and much more. Each episode will equip you with priceless resources and action steps empower you to create REVOLUTIONS in your life!
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