Classic Bikini Divas - Classic Bikini Divas

Listen to Saba & Babs and their guests. Saba Moor-Doucette and Barbara Wade are the Classic Bikini Divas. These two best friends give out health, fitness, and anti-aging tips through fun and informative guest interviews. They both accidentally got into fitness and health when Babs chose to compete as a Bikini-Diva after losing thirty-five pounds, and Saba thought it might be something to give her credibility for the fun workouts she designed. Surprisingly to both of them, learning so much about fitness and health became a bigger part of their lives than expected. A year later, they both became certified personal trainers and created new fitness websites so that they could share what they’ve learned with others. Being in show business most of their lives, they decided to document their year of preparing for their first Natural Bodybuilding Association competition together. Catch their radio shows, YouTube channel, and now seven years later they have launched this PodCast series. What makes these two women so special is that now Babs is 63 and Saba is 75, and they are still competing and winning!
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