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When you think of #PassportPornStar, think of as a GPS for learning how to travel. Most people never get the opportunity to travel the world, or even outside their own city, state or country.’s mission is to make sure we MOTIVATE and EDUCATE every listener by INFORMING you on the best ways to travel more and spend less. It is "The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a “Jetsetter” on a Budget". Navigating our listeners on the best places to travel, with stories from inspiring WORLD TRAVELERS. Tips and advice on living on the road, travel budgeting etc., you’re sure to find this podcast inspiring as well as entertaining. This show is full of practical travel information and is ~ Hosted By: @theUPTOPKID & #JessTheMess. When it comes to visiting the majestic tigers in Thailand, standing in the center of the Colosseum in Rome, or visiting Flamingo Island in Aruba, Passport Porn Star has ALL of the secrets to help YOU get the most out of your traveling needs and desires. Join us ~ @PassportPornStar - *** NEW FLIGHT EPISODES TUESDAYS *** * WATCH ON * - 304-504-PORN |
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