Professor Slots: Slot Machine Casino Gambling - Jon Friedl, LLC

Jon Friedl from The Professor Slots Blog reveals all of his slot machine casino gambling strategies as well as tips and tricks for thriving in the casino environment. Discover how to assess casinos to pick the best near you, choosing winning slot machines while avoiding those with the worst odds, and learn to identify your gambling goals: being entertained, earning complimentary gifts, winning take-home cash, or combine them. Although Jon confesses he is not a full-time slots gambler, he has won 90 taxable jackpots (each worth $1,200 or more) and a luxury automobile in 9 months of slots play - and has made a profit at slot machine gambling since 2013. Episodes will include the basics of slot machine operation, using casino players clubs effectively, relevant slots history and terminology, advantage plays for promotional events, learning how to win at different casinos, adopting any of 6 different playing styles, gambling etiquette, working efficiently with assigned casino hosts, 7 strategies for winning at slots, and more. All of these topics, from what works to what doesn’t work, are provided to guide slot machine casino gambling enthusiasts to success.
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