Let's Talk About Sets! - Jeff McBride & Harrison Tweed

"Let's Talk About Sets!" is a punchy podcast from NYC on the "science" and craft of stand-up comedy by comics who love it, co-hosted by Jeff McBride and Harrison Tweed. The show is dedicated to geeking out over the enigma of stand-up comedy by playing curated bits, dissecting them, staring at the entrails, and divining their inner workings--all while exploring a "theme" about stand-up as a craft. It's as niche as a documentary about Renaissance oil painting brush bristles...but FUNNY! If you nerd hard about comedy, or if you actually do stand-up, or ESPECIALLY if part of you has always thought you'd be great at it (but you never tried, you weenie!), then this is your next favorite podcast. Check out the website for more details: https://www.letstalkaboutsets.com
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