What is a Mason - What is a Mason

The internet abounds with false information about Freemasonry. What is a Mason endeavors to answer questions about Freemasonry and share other general information without disclosing the very few things that are actually secret within the fraternity. These recordings are produced for two purposes: 1) To encourage non-Freemasons to learn more about the Institution in the hopes that they may be convinced of its good effects. 2) To encourage Brother Masons to improve in their Masonic knowledge, far beyond that which is contained with any recitation of proficiency. The information in these recordings are generally applicable to Freemasonry world-wide, but are specific to the state of Mississippi in the U.S.A. and provide only the information that is considered not-secret to that jurisdiction. Viewers are encouraged to review the comments on the videos as Brothers from other jurisdictions tend to shed light on the differences.
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