DemWorks, a podcast by the National Democratic Institute - National Democratic Institute

For more than 35 years, the National Democratic Institute has been honored to work with thousands of courageous and committed small “d” democrats around the world to help countries develop democratic institutions, practices and skills. Over that period, we have worked in more than 150 countries. We have operated on the principle that while there is no single model for democracy, certain principles are fundamental – accountability, transparency, citizen empowerment, regular free and fair elections, etc. -- and that sharing democratic knowledge and experience among nations large and small will promote democracy’s success. Through these DemWorks podcasts, we will engage in conversation with those who have been on the front lines of democratic development work around the world. In the process, we will get them to share what they do and how they do it - their on-the-ground experiences, the challenges they face, the obstacles they overcome, and the unique national contexts in which they must operate. And in the process show how DEMOCRACY WORKS.
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