Tales of Insecurity - LiA Lindsaychen

You're not afraid of spiders. You're not afraid of snakes, zombies, ghosts, heights, germs, or fear itself. You don't fear death. Mortality is a philosophical exercise for you, a game of solitaire to kill some time. You fear no monsters, nor violence. You're afraid of time. You're afraid of your mother. You're afraid of being seen, and of not being seen. Not tales of the crypt, but tales of the cryptic. These are your horrors: you. These are: Tales of Insecurity. Here are some little skits and music made by a maudlin trans woman who is sacrificing everything to say something that you'll most likely never hear or understand. It's a comedy variety show! It is as indie as you can get. Even punk rock was embraced by corporations. True independence has no market value whatsoever. May we all be innocent again someday.
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