Fingerstyle Guitar Hangout Podcast with Adam Rafferty - Adam Rafferty: Fingerstyle Guitarist, Composer and Touring Musician

Want to become a better fingerstyle guitar player? The "Fingertsyle Guitar Hangout" with Adam Rafferty is for guitarists just like YOU who are looking for quick and easy ideas, inspiration and information. Enhance your musical understanding, get bite sized guitar lessons, tips and techniques, interviews with great players, and hear real life fingerstyle guitar Q & A from listeners & readers just like you. If you love the music of Tommy Emmanuel, Michael Fix, Don Ross, Chet Atkins, Martin Taylor, Peppino D'Agstino, Richard Smith, Joe Robinson, Soenke Meinen, Andrea Valeri and other great guitarists like them, you will love the "Fingerstyle Guitar Hangout." Join Adam Rafferty for the "Fingerstyle Guitar Hangout" and enrich your musical life and your guitar playing! For more info, visit and
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