Daily Success Show with Jamila Payne - Jamila Payne: Online Business Owner, Author, Lifestyle Expert

Daily Success Routine Founder and Author Jamila Payne offers actionable insights for busy professionals on achieving your goals and going after the life you want. Each episode is designed to inspire you to finish a project in 90 days using the tips, routines and principles shared. Jamila answers listener questions on habits, morning routines, lifestyle design, productivity, time management, goal planning, managing work, self-care, building confidence and highlights stories of how you reached your goals using lessons learned from the podcast. Occasionally she’ll interview world-class entrepreneurs and leaders who’ll take us behind the scenes of going for their dreams, managing priorities and the practices they used to get there, so it can inform your journey. Expect a fun, raw and practical step-by-step advice that will empower you to become the best version of yourself. Share your stories #dailysuccessshow
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