House of Imp - Jenny K Brennan

House of Imp - the Podcast. Where JennyK, Bill, and Imp feature music from the prog-metal band Icarus Machine and, deliver opinions, create silly dramas where Imp gets to be real for a wile, and whatever else they may think of. A creative outlet for all. A space evolving. JennyK and Bill Babcock A.K.A Sriracha are creators in their own right but vastly different in experience and interests as well as skills and life styles. what they do have in common however, is the need to create. Mostly that means music but creativity can mean many things. Perfectionism and a lack of tolerance toward ignorance is another thing they have in common. Imp, imaginary co-host since 2010 is also always around and fulfills that need for silly that all adults claim not to have. Imp calls bullcrap on that.
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