House of Imp - Jenny K Brennan

How to feel better being different on the dark side of creativity. The drama and the comedy in trying to feel okay with blindness, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and looking for my place in the world. I vent frustrations and make fun of myself and the absurdity of trying to be normal in this world. In the house of Imp there are no politics, no religions, no wars other than those in the mind. We all think we need to be a certain way because society says that we should. In this podcast I want to escape that box I am supposed to fit inside, and I invite you to join me to embrace weirdness, not fight it. It is not always easy but in the end it has to be okay. JennyK - Vocalist, writer, a slightly insane blind audio obsessed Swedish Canadian with a perfectly real co-host. Here you will find somewhat chaotic Flash dramas interrupted by moments of real life and music. It is what it is, will be what it will be, and every bit of it has the potential to be funny. Produced by Jenny K Brennan - Studio Chaotic Productions.
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