The Skive0 Podcast - Amina of Skiveo

Here I'll try to explore the academic, professional, and almost professional lives of women and other people I find interesting. Who am I? Someone with possibly misdirected ambitions. A "millennial." An iPhone user. A Princeton University graduate ('15) and a "molecular biologist" by degree, not by trade (note to past self: graduating =/ degree-related job). Now for the long description: Are you Hispanic? A woman? Does it matter? As of last year, the representation of blacks and Latinos in the upper echelons of higher ed has taken a marked 35% dive, according to a NYTimes study. Yet, of 366 public companies, the most racially diverse and gender-diverse had 35% and 15% greater chances of returns above nationwide industry medians, respectively (McKinsey & Co., 2015). Join me as I, an introverted entrepreneur and minority trifecta, try to tease apart the mechanisms of "success" and "failure" in young, black adulthood, young, Muslim adulthood, and young, female adulthood, namely through empirical evidence and unexpected conversations.
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