Creative Futurism - Kevin J Anderson - John Best

We want to welcome you to Creative Futurism, a podcast that brings together the worlds of business and creativity, then slingshots them into the future. Sometimes it’ll be a tug of war, sometimes it’ll be a team sport. With warp-speed changes in technology for creativity as well as business, delivery systems, and intellectual property, entrepreneurs and artists are on the same roller coaster. International bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson and financial tech advisor and computer security specialist John Best team up to bring a lively debate and insightul perspectives on how you can prepare for the future in your business, your craft, and your life. With wide ranging guests—some of the brightest lights in their fields—Kevin and John discuss unintended consequences and exciting possibilities. In a world of innovation, social change, intellectual property, shifting consumer preferences, and rapid-fire technological advances, the lines become blurred and intertwined in unusual ways.
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