The Language of Creativity Podcast - Steven Leavitt

What does it mean to be creative in a world that seems obsessed with conformity? Through interviews with creatives from every field, the Language of Creativity Podcast aims to discover the connection between art and living as seen through the eyes of the artist. Come take a journey with us as we explore the inner lives of musicians, photographers, graphic artists, filmmakers, educators, stunt performers, chefs, engineers, cinematographers, architects, choreographers, and the people who stand beside them in their quest toward greatness. Hear in their own words, what it is that propels them forward in their creative lives. It is through the very language of these artists that we will learn from the pitfalls and discover the fulfillment that comes from living out creativity in daily life. From their stories we hope to uncover the secrets that can help us navigate our own lives as we seek to engage the world through creativity and divergent thinking. If we look deep inside, we are all creatives at heart.
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