More Than A Parent - Caz Gaddis

Welcome to More Than A Parent: A podcast exploring who we are and what we want, outside of being a parent, so we can create an integrated lifestyle with impact both in and out of our home. I am Caz Gaddis and I invite you to join me to BE your “more”. Live your and. Join me for relatable, real and raw explorations centered around being your best self as a person and as a parent. If you can’t be you for yourself first, you can’t be you for those around you (your kids and significant other). I’m on a mission to empower parents to choose themselves first, so they can then choose their kids. As a kid, I was raised by my grandparents and felt that my parents chose their businesses over me. For years this blocked me in my own career and life. I didn’t want kids because I feared having to make that choice one day. I’ve learned that this isn’t an either-or, it’s an ‘and’. You can live the life that wants to be lived through you + be who you are, fully-expressed, AND be an awe-mazing parent. Press PLAY to connect with me and special guests as we explore topics like self-identity, self-awareness, confidence, self-discipline, mindset, mindfulness, life purpose, transition, making an impact in and outside the home, energy leadership, mom guilt, self-help, lifestyle, life-coaching and what has worked for us (and hasn’t worked) to help you on your journey in being More Than A Parent. This isn’t a podcast about parenting, it’s a podcast for parents who want to be their more. We’ll share how we have all transitioned through pregnancy, birth, becoming a parent, re-establishing our own individual identity, going back to work, business building, plus all the challenges and opportunities in the mix.
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