Morning Cup of Faith - Brenda Epperson-Moore and Shelley Anderson Myers

Hi Listeners! What’s in your cup this morning? Is it fear or faith? Join “Morning Cup of Faith,” an over-caffeinated brand new podcast, a weekly grind up of coffee, all things pop culture, and faith. We’re raw, bold and vulnerable…this is your faith reboot! Hosted by powerhouse actress-singer-speaker Brenda Epperson-Moore (Ashley on CBS daytime Soap Opera “The Young and the Restless,” Sony/TriStar Recording Artist/opening act for Lionel Richie and founding director of Ascend Women) and co-host free-spirited Shelley Anderson Myers (HuffPost Guest Writer), these two fun-loving friends mix it up with humor and wit. Each week you’ll experience thought-provoking interviews with leaders, influencers and artists, an inspiring promise to you from scripture, and all things pop culture: books, music, recipes, gardening and coffee. Featured guests include TV host Kym Douglas from “The Ellen Show” and the Hallmark Channel, Lani Netter, co- producer of “The Shack” (along with her husband, Gil Netter) and “Just Mercy” with Jamie Foxx and film producer Cindy Bond, “I Can Only Imagine.” If social distancing has you feeling alone, join us weekly to ignite your life with a “Morning Cup of Faith.” You’ll find the community that you crave because there is no social distancing with God. This is God’s reset. Let “Morning Cup of Faith” start a revival in your heart. No more spiritual homelessness. You have found a home with us. Brenda and Shelley talk about it all with their friends, you’ll be coming back for another faith latte, with a double shot of the divine!
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