The Cutaway - Garnet Media Group

Co-hosts Austin Nix and Max Pegues are proud to present a production delivering comic repartee and incisive commentary arranged from a bevy of domestic policies, foreign policies and maneuverings on Capitol Hill and in the White House. Anticipate whimsical musings on the White House legislative calendar, lighthearted takes on national events, as well as a multilateral approach to foreign affairs and international relations... or something like that. We aim to take a hard look at what’s really going on at home and abroad; giving you the lay of the land as we see it. The Cutaway cuts through the noise of mainstream news, delivering straightforward, easy to understand (albeit partisan) takes on current happenings and all the details you may have missed. Disenchanted by the state of news mediums, the ways in which news is consumed, the nature of prioritizing stories and what role information plays, we will examine the core of an issue and explore the overarching trend(s) that precede and follow. In short, expect to be caught up on large scale trends that we track through what is normally a myopic news cycle. The Cutaway offers a dialogue you may or may not adopt, to present a largely bi-partisan (though opinionated) stance, and to furnish the listener with the absurd and the grotesque.
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